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Earl Silva Bachelor's Degree - Liberal Arts/Electronic Media at Xavier University:

Your aerials are really awesome in 4k, and hard to replicate since not everyone has an FAA clearance to shoot them. Are you following the DP's angle selections for the Bruce Willis film shot in Cincy, or are they your own selections ? Have shared your video posts with other professionals, family, and friends. You might visit my new website, and let me know your comments. Keep up the absolutely fantastic work Wendell.

Wendell Adkins - Drone Cinematographer - Bruce Willis Film REPRISAL, filmed in Cincinnati
Wendell Adkins 2nd degree connection 2nd Commercial Drone Pioneer/Designer:

Thank you. For this film we did a bit of both (predefined and self-directed). I like your website It is clean, loads quickly and is easy to navigate. Good Job! (edited)
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